Does a book with the title of  The Perfect School” need an introduction? If so, one that is mercifully short so you can get to the meat and purpose of its pages…

The first chapter asks “A Perfect School?” and begs the authors to reply. That there are 12 more chapters suggests that their replies are positive!

Is there or will there ever be a “perfect” school? Probably not, they say, but some are close, we have the tools and knowledge to move in that direction, the quest really is the journey, and a better word is “excellence,” which is attainable and lies along that path to perfection.

Anyway, if perfection were attainable, would it be absolute or malleable, and if the latter, wouldn’t we just keep reforming it to be even more perfect?

The chapters that follow are less philosophical or esoteric. They say that if we want to climb that path of excellence toward perfection, here’s what we might think or do. Practical, tangible things. Whether discussing parents, teachers, staff, principals, service, character, perception, teaching, data, finances, or curriculum, the vision of what a perfect school would look like and what we can do to race or tiptoe up that glorious rise to see and live it are shared, for discussion and action.

And who dares even address perfection in education? Jim Rosborg, Max McGee, and Jim Burgett aren’t long-bearded gods pronouncing from on high but rather roll-up-your-sleeves mortals with 100+ years of highly successful, much heralded labors in the fields of learning: all were teachers, principals, and superintendents, and much more. Their biographies near the back of the book will fill in the glorious gaps.

Too much introduction already. Let’s let those daring souls pass their torches of excellence to you on the road to perfection, to ignite your own fires for today’s learners—and for all learners forever.   



Gordon Burgett, Publisher




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