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School Leadership for the Real World

From three brave voices in the trenches come more healthy, easy-to-apply, straightforward school leadership ideas and practices than from any other book in print. No-nonsense, often funny advice about what works, what never did, and what you can do to put your school(s) and yourself atop the excellence pile, modestly or raucously crowing

Three of Illinois top educational leadersJim Rosborg, Max McGee, and Jim Burgettoffer 336 pages of advice that includes lreadership, ethics, communications, trust, teachers, assessment—even personal hygiene, getting those irksome referenda passed, and what to say to the press, and when. Its simply a must for every school administrator.

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The authors are three guys who rose to the top in school administration because, under fire, they could provide practical, successful solutions to almost any predicament. Even more, they could innovate, cut through the jargon and nonsense, and lead. So on these pages, they share what they have learned: ideas, high-impact lessons about leadership, and everyday problem solving that can be immediately implemented at every school level. Their combined wisdom and stories will make administrators think, laugh, and act.

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If you have edition one, don’t fret. The second edition (revised and updated) contains a few more case studies, one less, and a wee extension of several chapters, but it’s about 95% the same. The first edition was a solid book and we only tinkered a bit, mostly to make the examples current. Also, the price hasn’t changed.

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