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* I just finished reading this book last evening. It is excellent. The content is important and the writing makes it timely and valuable.

Dr. Jerry Becker, Professor of Education, Southern Illinois University

This book is well written by three of Illinois very best public education professionals. They have not only "been there, done that," but, in this timely book, they unselfishly share where theyve been and what theyve done in useful detail. It should certainly be read by all professional educators who are, or aspire to be, administrators, and also by their amateur partners in school leadership, board members!

Rooney Barker, School Board Member since 1993, Highland CUSD #5, Highland, IL


* "What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know: School Leadership for the Real World, by Jim Rosberg, Max McGee and Jim Burgett: Modestly stated, this book shares more sound, straightforward, easy-to-apply school leadership ideas and practices than any other book in print. Three of Illinois top educational leaders offer 336 pages of no-nonsense, often funny advice about what works and what doesnt, ranging from assessment to personal hygiene to getting those irksome referenda passed to what to say to the press, and when. It is simply a must for every school administrator."

1st listing in the Illinois Association of School Boards' 2004 Publications Catalog


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