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* What Rosborg, McGee, and Burgett have written could not have come at a better time. They have focused their collective experience to provide school administrators with practical, no-nonsense advice on how to lead every school to educational excellence.

Dr. Walt Warfield, Executive Director, Illinois Association of School Administrators

* This book is great. It should be required reading for all aspiring educational leaders.

Dr. Donald L. Kussmaul, President-Elect, American Association of School Administrators

* "I just starting reading my copy of your new book and I've got to say the local taxpayers won't get much out of me today because I can't put it down! Thanks for putting your thoughts down on paper and sharing them with everyone. It's the book we all wish we had available when we started in this business. I have ordered four more for my principals and will get one for my son for Christmas."

Russ Ross, Superintendent of Schools, District #C-2,Marshall, Illinois

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