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“How to be a More Effective Teacher, Remain Sane,

and Stay out of Jail—all at the same time”


It’s one thing to win almost every major award for a teacher, principal, and superintendent, it’s quite another to be able to tap that font of passion and practical know-how and share it with educational colleagues across the nation. That’s what Jim Burgett has been doing on the lecture circuit for a decade. Now he has captured its core in print!

Take a look at the contents and Jim’s credentials, read the sample chapter, and see why every school contact Jim has is eager to share his wisdom and stories again with their teaching colleagues—and why principals and superintendents are buying the book by the box load to help inject purpose, pride, and zest into their schools and districts.

“Jim Burgett is a master storyteller. All teacher induction programs should include this book.

Seasoned educators will find a reminder on every page of what drew them

to this vital, loving profession.”


Eric Flohr, Principal, Collinsville High School, Collinsville, Illinois


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Students are a lot like Chinese bamboo trees.

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