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I’m one of the teachers from DeWitt where you spoke in late August. I’m in my 35th year of teaching (elementary grades and elementary principal) and I believe that your presentation was by far the most inspiring that I have heard. (I am also just finishing your book, Teachers Change Lives 24/7.) I thought that I had a passion for teaching our students but hearing you and reading your book made me realize that I have a long way to go! And oh, how they need us and our passion! Thanks, Jim.


P.S. I plan to begin another of your books real soon.


Maureen Schrader, Central School, Clinton, Illinois




Jim, I just finished reading Teachers Change Lives 24/7. What a great job. Your book is a "CAN'T PUT IT DOWN" jewel. Congratulations!

Rich Wisner, Superintendent and Illinois Association of School Boards Field Director




I just finished reading Teachers Change Lives 24/7. I was laughing all the time—through tears. A great read. My Mr. B was an English teacher named Hugh Shrader. Best teacher I ever had anywhere, anytime. I got to teach with him on the same faculty for six years, and regret to this day that I did not tell him how important he was to me. He died prematurely several years ago. On the good side, I really can't remember the names/faces of my Mrs. Breckenridges, even though I had a number of them.


Dick Spohr, retired Principal of Carlinville High School, Carlinville, Illinois



I was so encouraged by your book Teachers Change Lives 24/7. I teach students with special needs and it is nice to know that taking time to walk in their shoes is necessary. Thank you for looking at teachers as people first and professionals second. I am also a wife and a mother so your PILY chapter really spoke to me. Again, thanks for putting in words what educators needed to hear.


(Also, thanks for coming to speak to the teachers at the West Central School District last May. I hear you are coming back. Hooray!)


Stephanie Sims, Inclusion Teacher, West Central High School



 As soon as I received your book I read it and loved it. I found every chapter to be very meaningful to my teaching career and to reaching my students.


Every education major in college should read Teachers Change Lives 24/7. It is more valuable than any classroom instruction.


Being a non-traditional student and going back to school to become a teacher, I found that many of my courses did not teach me the essentials of the classroom. I didn’t learn in college how to deal with parents, student’s problems, and all the many challenges teachers face every day. In your book, you helped me see a different way to go about problems, situations, and classroom discussions.


When I got the book we had just finished our school year, so it was my first summer read. As I read I kept generating more and more ideas of what I could do in my own classroom to make my classes better and to improve my teaching abilities as well. Your words got me excited for the next school year to start—and summer had just begun! I plan to read your book again right before school starts and make it my last summer read as well. I can’t wait to feel that same excitement once again!


Amanda Ringwald, Central Community High School, Breese, Illinois


I just finished reading Teachers Change Lives 24/7. I couldn’t put it down! I recognized myself on the pages. You have shown me that my greatest strength, caring about my kids, is worthwhile.


I closed the book with a renewed excitement and determination to be better. Tomorrow is the final contracted day of our school year. As I read the book and reflected on how I could improve and what I do right, I found myself wishing that the new school year was going to begin now. I can’t wait to get back in my classroom! Thank you for reminding me that the mistakes made this year can be my successes next year.


If teachers like me feel the passion and continue to love our children and our jobs, it is because we are supported by people like you. Another element that is key to my successes and continued efforts is the support, respect, and recognition I receive from my administration. Teachers are passionate about their jobs when they know the administration shares and promotes that passion.

Terri Copeland, Language Arts, West Central Middle School, Stronghurst, Illinois

Your book is wonderful! I’ve been sitting in my office reading portions of it over the past week. Sometimes I laugh so hard that upstairs they wonder what I'm doing! Other times, I find myself in tears. It’s hard to capture emotion, feelings, energy, synergy, and all of those things in writing. It’s easier to capture those feelings in a speech, talk, or presentation. You've managed to do it, though. I want to compliment you on the book. I plan to give each one of the group that I'm currently working with a copy when the finish the program in May. As they begin their "new" careers in education, they will be well armed with your book regardless of the setting, school, or environment in which they find themselves.


Dr. Rick Acuncius, Coordinator of Alternative Education Certification Program,

McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois


I’m writing to tell you how wonderful I think Jim’s new book Teachers Change Lives 24/7 is. Jim says more about teaching in a few paragraphs than most of the other so called experts do in an entire book. His 175 tips are based on experience, common sense, and, most importantly, treating people like they should be treated. I intend to make this book a must read for all first and second year teachers in my district. It will also be the basis of the book study I will do with my administrative team this summer. It’s a must read for any educator no matter how long they have been in the profession.


This past weekend, Jim also facilitated a strategic planning retreat for my school district. He did an excellent job. His book is excellent too—thanks for bringing it to us.


 Ralph Grimm, Superintendent, West Central CUSD #235, Biggsville, Illinois


Jim Burgett is a master storyteller. All teacher induction programs should include this book. Seasoned educators will find a reminder on every page of what drew them to this vital, loving profession.


Eric Flohr, Principal, Collinsville High School, Collinsville, Illinois


With his usual warmth, wit, and charm, Jim has written a book for every teacher—from beginner to veteran. His love for kids and passion for teaching inspire every chapter, every anecdote, every teaching tip. A truly useful and inspiring book!


Sharon Rinderer, Retired English Teacher, Highland Middle School, Highland, Illinois



Teachers Change Lives 24/7 is a journey through the author’s reflection of his own educational experience as a student, teacher, and administrator. Reading Jim’s book is like having a conversation with an old friend. He shares his philosophy, pearls of wisdom, and new ideas for the teacher’s instructional tool kit.”


Fred W. Singleton, Field Service Director, Illinois Principals Association, Springfield, Illinois


Jim himself has changed many, many lives. His book is loaded with practical, key information. It’s a must read for every teacher, parent, and leader who wants to make a difference.


Bruce Trost, Executive V.P., FBL Financial Group, Des Moines, Iowa


An easy-to-read book filled with wit, humor, and practical do-it-now ideas. Burgett’s passion for teaching and love of kids shines through every word. I worked side-by-side with Jim for 12 years and he truly walks the talk. Every teacher should read Teachers Change Lives 24/7.


Patsy Schwarm, Retired Assistant Superintendent of Education, Highland Community Unit School District #5, Highland, Illinois



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