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Everybody wants a perfect school, but what does that really mean? If you could start over with a clean slate, what could you do to create a perfect school in your town? Or do you have one?

That’s what three top award-winning educational leaders from Illinois asked each other, then dug into their respective areas of strength to answer. The result is their second book, The Perfect School, a no-nonsense look at perfect teachers, perfect staff, perfect parents, and perfect principals, plus the features and steps required to spread that perfection throughout any K-12.

Why waste time defining an educational utopia? Because you can’t get to there without a “there” any more than you can plan a sensible path without a destination. At last, then, a roadmap for every teacher, principal, superintendent, guidance counselor, school bus driver, School Board member, parent, tax payer, or you …


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“Aspiring and current school leaders should be required to read The Perfect School. Compelling reading with straightforward comments about what our schools can and should look like. Any leader will find the chapters thought provoking and timely.”


Clayton M. Wilcox, Ed.D., Superintendent, Pinellas County Schools, Pinellas County, Florida


“For any of us to achieve absolute perfection within America’s schools may be an impossible task, but these three successful, experienced educators certainly provide the concepts, strategies, ideas, and practices that can greatly assist us in our attempts.”


Joseph J. Cipfl, Ph.D., President and CEO Emeritus, Illinois Community College Board





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