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The report series has been created to provide additional, continual, usable information of the type found in our highly popular book, What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know, by Jim Rosborg, Max McGee, and Jim Burgett.

Report Title



"How to Handle the Death of a Student, Faculty,  or Staff Member"

Jim Burgett

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"Television Appearance and Media Strategies for Superintendents and Principals"

Jas Lonnquist

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Summary Report Descriptions

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"How to Handle the Death of a Student, Faculty,
or Staff Member"

It's inevitable that a school administrator will have to deal with the death of a student, faculty, or staff member at some point during their career, and that each situation will be different in nature and scope. When that happens, there isn't much time to develop a plan or to research options for handling the often complicated situation. What do you do if the family makes a request to hold a service in the school and it has never been done before? How do you ensure that you are notified of the death early enough to adequately plan? What are some common guidelines for memorials, services, and involvement with the funeral director? What is the role of the administrator in each situation? 

This $15 digital report is designed to give you simple guidelines that you can quickly refer to in times of need. It will provide: 

(1) steps of action, lists of responsibilities for various staff members, a model policy, and a clear definition of what a school administrator should and shouldn't do. 
(2) suggestions on how to be proactive with community services. 
(3) information about dozens of other, important things. 

In short, it will provide key information required to bring respect, closure, and comfort during the events surrounding that unfortunate passing. 

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"Television Appearance and Media Strategies
for Superintendents and Principals"

As a superintendent or principal you are always in the medias eye. The idea is to be proactive rather than reactive. So Jas Lonnquist, a writer and independent producer, explains in this report, in step-by-step detail, how you develop media savvy, then a complete strategy, to control the precise image that you, your district, and your school(s) can project at all times to the public.

Nobody can control events or the news, but how they and the reaction to them are handled, where, when, and with what system-wide coordination, is the heart of Lonnquists nine-section, immediately applicable plan. The titles of those sections are (1) Media Savvy, (2) Devising a Media Plan, (3) In Times of Crisis: Eight Vital Media Strategies, (4) Providing an Interview That Wont Get Lost in the Edit, (5) How to Project the Right Image on Camera, (6) Taping in a Television Studio, (7) How to Find and Maintain Media Contacts. (8) Strategies to Create a Media Savvy School, and (9) Forms and Worksheets, which includes a Press Briefing Worksheet, Media Sign-In Form, Release Form, Sample Release Letter for Parents, and School Fact Sheet.

From writing a press release, the legal issues of a media plan, how to control the facility and information to establishing the purpose of your press briefing and writing out the opening statement, status report, and your commitment statement, its all here, to defuse an already stressful position and activity and to convert the media into a vital and valuable school ally. This report is a $15 gem.

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